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Looking for the freshest, USA locally sourced seafood?   All of our fish, shrimp and crab arrive at our dock in John’s Pass, Florida. Have you ever enjoyed a Grouper sandwich at a local Pinellas County restaurant or purchased Red Snapper from a nearby grocery store in Madeira Beach? There’s a fairly good chance we supplied that fish. Our fishing boats spend weeks at a time in the deep waters off the coast of Florida in the Gulf of Mexico sourcing the best fish available. Once fully loaded, our captains return to our market at Don’s Dock in Madeira Beach to begin the tedious unloading process. Fresh fish are then delivered all across Pinellas County and we also stock our own market to supply customers nationwide with the Gulf’s best seafood.

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Safe to Buy Gulf of Mexico Seafood Online?

You bet it is! Digital fishmongers are becoming quite an on-trend way for customers to buy their seafood in Florida, and thanks to technology that allows for the day’s fresh catch to be delivered straight away, the texture and the flavour of seafood is actually preserved better than ever before. Just check out the choice…