215 Boardwalk Place East, Johns Pass, Florida 33708

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About Us

Our Mission

 Wild Seafood Co. is a premier boutique fish house that sources the highest quality, sustainably harvested , traceable DOMESTIC seafood to environmentally conscious consumers. Our employees are passionate about their work and our vision for the future. They are valued by management and they provide exemplary customer service. Our fishermen are professional,  and committed to the stewardship of the Gulf of Mexico. They are proud to be fishermen for Wild Seafood Co. 

Core Values

  • Sustainable Fishing Practices
  • Fisherman will be valued, respected and professional.
  • Integrity - We will do the right thing, even if it is difficult
  • Management and Employees will be honest, trustworthy, and will have a strong commitment to sustainability. Employees will be an integral part of our success.
  • To make all parts of the fishery a better place