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Wild Seafood Co

Our Unload Team



The right-hand man here at Wild Seafood! Chris is an invaluable member to the team, with a tendency to be a part of every project going on. He enjoys spearfishing in his spare time, and is quite the shot with the gag groupers!

John "Dad" Lucas



John is our resident retired Xerox technician, who works harder now than ever since he has retired. In addition to his handy-man fix-it-all skills, he is our official Gulf Wild fish tagger and pinfish captain extraordinaire. 




With his start as a meat butcher, Rick is skilled with the knife and very knowledgeable about seafood. He keeps the parking lot organized as it can be during offloads with his forklift driving. A long-time Florida resident with a true love for nature and local wild life. 



John is an avid recreational fisherman and even when he's not on the clock he can still be found down at the dock snagging grouper and snook. He is a great new addition to the Wild Seafood team!




Brandon is a full-time college student working on his biology degree at St. Petersburg College, and has an internship with Gulf Wild. He is working on his scuba certification and hopes to start spearfishing commercially in the future. 

Dock Support


Toni, Adam and Kenny work behind the Wild Seafood scenes to make the work our team does possible. 

Meet our Deck Boss


Erin G

Erin is our head fish monger here at Wild Seafood. She oversees every commercial offload to ensure quality fish come across the dock to our customers. She is currently working on her Bachelor degree in biology but hopes of continuing into fisheries management. She enjoys being active in the seafood world from the daily work at the dock to the policy level to promote sustainable fishing practices to preserve our resources for future generations.


“As stewards of an incredible resource, the Gulf of Mexico, it is our responsibility to educate the public on what sustainable seafood really means. It starts at the dock, working with the fishermen who are out on the water for the most of the days in a year working to bring people food. It’s well and good to enact policies, but if those changes aren’t made at the boat level, it doesn’t make a difference. At the same time, the consumer needs to understand the value of supporting a domestic industry, and the hard work these fishermen are doing offshore. I appreciate the opportunity to promote the seafood industry while working for Wild Seafood as it continues to meet and exceed standards for sustainable seafood here in the Gulf of Mexico.” 

Meet the Guy who made it ALL happen

Jason DeLaCruz

Jason's entry into the seafood industry was fueled by his love for spearfishing. He joined Shareholder's Alliances & helped start the Gulf Wild brand promoting sustainable, domestic and most importantly traceable seafood to support domestic industry here in the Gulf. It wasn't long before he realized his only next step was to become a commercial fish house, which he did with much help from the fuzzy one, You know who you are. Since October 2011, Wild Seafood has been setting the standard for quality Grouper out of the Gulf of Mexico through the hard work and dedication of Jason. 

In 2016 he was recognized by President Obama for being a Champion of Change promoting sustainable seafood. He remains active in almost every aspect of the seafood community, from SEDAR reviews, Advisory Panels, Gulf Council Meetings,  to building boats, working with fishermen, Commercial spearfishing  and staying in tune with the market,   and so much more. 


Making it happen behind the scenes

Vicky Delacruz

Vicky works tirelessly stuck in the office, lovingly termed "The Dungeon," to make Wild Seafood run smoothly. From billing, permits, and keeping everything running, she does it all with her sidekick Kathy. She compliments Jason's work by going above and beyond for the Wild Seafood employees and commercial fishermen at the dock, making this truly a family business and wonderful place to work. 

She started her career running a local pharmacy, but as Wild Seafood began to grow, it became evident the dock would require her full attention. She left the pharmacy in 2013 and has been focused solely on Wild Seafood and Don's Dock.